Saturday, October 11, 2008

Brent Update

This is the email I sent out as an update on Brent's condition, post surgery, though the photo above is most definitely pre- (he'd be so embarrassed to know I was showing this to you all!). Anyway, the email:

"Hello once again- As you know, Brent went under the knife on Friday. It was actually 2 surgeries, one right after another with 2 different doctors. First, one went in and removed the mass from his side - I guess they went in through his stomach, removing/moving organs to get to the tumor near his back. After that, the next doctor came in and removed 11 nodules from his right lung, which means he once again has a chest tube, like he did after his biopsy. With all of that, though, and 8 hours of surgery, once again it seems as though our prayers have been answered and all has gone well.

"After the surgery he was doing so well that he bypassed the stop in intensive care and was taken straight to his room. Today he was able to sit on the edge of his bed 3 or 4 times and seems to be doing really well. While he couldn't reply to many if any messages on Friday, I know his brother read him any and all messages to him, so if you've sent a text and he hasn't replied, just know he got your message and is grateful to know you are thinking of him.

"We love him so much and are once again thankful for the blessings of heaven that are being poured out upon us. This is still a time of struggle, and there are definitely times when fear tries to sneak in. However, our faith and the peace that comes through that faith, as well as your prayers have been with us and we are grateful to God for all we have and have been blessed with.

With love,"

Thanks a ton to all of my friends and family, especially that don't even know my brother that have gone out of their way to express concern and pray for our family. I could not ask for more loving friends. <3


Anne said...

Thanks for the update email! I had been meaning to call on Friday to see how it went but must've gotten side-tracked by the kids. (I don't know how that happens! ;) Anyway, we are glad to hear that he is doing so well and will continue to pray for him and your family. Love you!

The Mason Family said...

So good to hear things went so well! We will keep him in our prayers for a speedy and lasting recovery :) Hope you guys are doing well. I love your autumn blog look!