Tuesday, October 14, 2008

BRENT UPDATE #12 WITH BREAKING NEWS!!! (and some blog additions)

THIS IS A NEW UPDATE! I know many of you get the updates, but I just wanted to share!! (Plus this has photos and a couple additional comments :)

""An email just recieved from my father, Brent's Dad:

"Brent is doing very well. Early Friday morning he had surgery to remove the tumor. We learned meeting with the surgeon on Thursday that there were some additional risks of surgery those we had not previously known. However, the surgery occurred without any complications. As soon as the surgeon removed the tumor, he turned the scalpel over to another surgeon who when into Brent's right side and into his lung and removed 11 small tumors. In addition brent had his chest port removed so he pretty much looks like zipper man. We are still waiting for the pathology reports on all the tumors removed. The hope is that it all dead cancer tissue and there is no active cells of either the primary or secondary cancer. If there is he may have to have future surgery on is left lung. For him the worst part is having the chest tube in his side. It causes a lot of pain and hinders movement. He had more tubes in him which have been gradually removed. He is down just to the chest tube and now takes pain medication by mouth. How long he will be in the Hospital depends on the drainage from the lung. As soon as it is small enough the tube can come out.

Today he had his first meal since Thursday night and he enjoyed it and had no problems. He has been up and walking around which helps.

Thank you for your concern, thoughts and prayers for Brent. They are much appreciated. Craig. "
THIS LITERALLY JUST IN WHILE I WAS COMPOSING THIS MESSAGE!! THE PATHOLOGY REPORTS JUST CAME BACK AND THE CANCER THEY REMOVED IS 100% DEAD!!! THAT MEANS AS FAR AS WE CAN TELL, HE'S CANCER FREE!!!! WAY TO GO, BRENT!!!Feel free to send your notes of congratulations to him here and we will make sure he gets them!!! Thankfully it looks like our will was the same as God's- WOO HOO, HE'S DOING GREAT!!! AND TO ALL OF YOU, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! - LOVE, US :)""

Brent and 3 week younger neice Melissa, and Brent with girlfriend Laura - 2 of the AMAZING Angels that have been with Brent through out this experience... I am so grateful for you girls., and all the others that have been by his side - Dru, u rock!


The Mason Family said...

YAY!!! That's wonderful news!

Anonymous said...

Great news, Brent! And that is one cool hospital gown. But they really are COOL in the wintertime.
Get dressed and go home soon!
~Dad H

Carol said...

Terrific news about Brent.

I put you in the draw my dear, mosto f my readers are overseas. My kids are helping me with the draw later so maybe you'll win!!!