Saturday, May 03, 2008

Quick shoot from the "Photog" and VEGAS!

That's right - we took a day trip to Vegas on Thursday! We, meaning my brother Craig, Priya and I! Craig wanted to get his motorcycle and I just wanted to take a little trip! So, we loaded up and left by 7:30, got there just in time to go to lunch with Brookie, then loaded back up and headed home! We were back by 9:30, so we did great! Plus, Priya slept almost the whole time! Plus, who knows.... maybe this was just a warm up trip! ;)

Anyway, I forgot to take photos with brooke yet AGAIN... so instead I'm posting a few photos from a quick shoot I did today with the little darling - I don't know how that's supposed to compensate... but oh well! :)

Hope you enjoy her little smiles!


Casey Brianne said...

You have such a beautiful little girl Bree!!! You and Joe are quite lucky!

connie said...

She is growing so fast. I read all your blog and know how badly you want to go home to show off Pri. I don't blame you. Cheri is the same way. That is why I love these blogs. It allows us who do not see great children everyday watch them grow. Love to you and Joe and Priya. Aunt Connie