Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Our First Date!

So, last Friday Joe and I went on our FIRST Post-Baby DATE! And guess who babysat? Uncle Craig!!! (with the... help? of a couple roommates) :) His wife thought that was hilarious! I thought so too after we left him and he asked when he should change her. I said, in about 2 hours. He replied with a relieved, "ok, not for at least 2 hours - good". Of course, 20 minutes after we left, she had a total blow-out! I'm just glad Uncle Craig didn't decided to wait that 2 hours to change her after that!

You know, Joe and I would go on dates before baby Priya, but to be honest, they weren't much different than any other night. WOW is there a difference after you have a kid! I couldn't believe how nice it was to go out, just Joe and I! Of course, we were excited to come back and see our little munchkin again... though I do have to say that a regular "date night" is sounding more appealing all the time! ;)
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Brooke said...

I love it!! I'm sure he's the best there is. :-)