Friday, May 09, 2008

Priya visits the whole fam damily

LOL- I'm sure that's not very appropriate-whoops! Well, we did it! I couldn't take it any longer and my brother had a week or so till he started his new job, so we packed it up, got some plane tickets and flew with Priya back to Wisconsin! It was Very last minute and a big surprise for many, but we did it! We got in on Tuesday, had a little dinner party, Wednesday we went to Culver's with a bunch of the little kiddos and Craig's fam, Wed evening we (Craig and his family, my parents, Priya and I) drove to meet my Wonderful in-laws for dinner. Thurs. we(Priya and I) went to a dance class, a baseball game, a friends house, a little fiesta and Great-Grandma JoAnn's house - all yesterday afternoon and evening - and now we just got back from lunch with Matthew, Melissa,Denise, Drew and Alysse - we're pooped! But we have to rest up now cuz tonight we're celebrating Mother's Day since it's the only time Great-Grandma Jean can come down from "Up North". This is her first outing since her 'stroke' so we'll see how it goes. Even though we've been busy, Priya has also had lots of time to be cuddled by Grandma Barb and Grandpa Craig... in fact she's spit up on them several times already! :) Today at lunch was funny though, especially if you know my brother Drew and his decision to never care about a kiddo till they're at least a year old! As he is trying hard to NOT pay attention to her, Priya decides she can't take her eyes off of him and is flashing him all of her most loving and playful smiles and flirty eyes! Of course, she won't smile at the people TRYING to make her smile and look at them, but for Dru, she'd have stopped the world from turning! :) Such a cutie stinker! Unfortunately I just busted out the camera for the first time today, so we need to get a-snappin' to document this first visit!
Hope all is well! With Love,
Bree & Baby Princess - I mean, ah, Priya ;)

This is from lunch today.

Priya in this getto-old stroller my mom made me put her in to walk to lunch!

This is at my parent's house - I LOVE Wisconsin Spring!

A little more yard and peeps :)

And, apparently Priya was still hungry after lunch ;)


Brooke said...

Hurray for WI! Last minute trips are the best! What kind of dogs are those? They're beautiful!

Cheri said...

Yeah! Way to go! Last minute trips are pretty exciting. I'm so glad you got to take your little one home to see everyone! How fun!

Chelsea said...

ooooh i miss milwaukee!!