Saturday, March 03, 2007


Oh My! I'm not sure I even realized it was POSSIBLE to "enjoy" so much basketball in such a short amout of time!!! It all started last night around 6 when Joe got "the call" That's right-they had decided to have a mens b-ball tourament for the stake (meaning church members in our area) and his group's (ward's) first game was in less than an HOUR! PLUS if they won, they'd play again at 9! So much for our Friday night! Good thing we had decided not to plan anything big! (You know, since we ALWAYS do big stuff on Fridays... like... ummm... well... every once in a while we actually get off the couch... Heck! Sometimes we even leave the house!) Anyway, they won - yippie joey - I'm estatic ;) AND they won again at 9! Not too bad. Except that meant they had to play the next day at 2. Unfortunatly, that one didn't result in a win - end of basketball for the day right? WRONG! They needed a bit of help, so joey stayed and ref.ed the final game at 3. Shesh! 4 games - that's plenty, right? Except.... I had had the bright idea that we should go to the BYU Final game of the season - vs Utah! So the day before i bought tickets. Thats 5 GAMES of basketball in 24 HOURS! Even during Joe's Basketball season, it sill takes me over a MONTH normally to watch that much basketball!
The scariest part was... I kinda liked it ;)
ps. oh yah - the cougs rock - Go Cougs! Poor Utes didn't stand a chance... not even with that new crazy mascot of theirs. Sorry guys - maybe next year
pps Joe just remined me... it's MARCH! Crap.


Rachel said...

Ahh basketball. The world could be so much different without basketball. Joe wouldn't have anything to do with all of his energy. He would watch more simpsons. He would be more obnoxious. He would have more gas. On you and me. So maybe basketball is a good thing. For him. :)

pinkfluffysparkle said...

Yes - March Madness has just begun, so there will be lots more of fun basketball for you! :) I'm glad you're being a good sport about it. :)