Monday, March 12, 2007

The Morning Walk from... :)

Ha! This morning 2 friends and I with their kids all went for a walk! It was definitely an adventure! To start with, Joe had decided to sleep in, so while the alarm was going off, I had no CLUE it was already after 8. Daylight savings kind of makes everything a little screwy. So all of a sudden I’m mostly asleep and I hear my phone ringing in the other room! I jump up like a mad woman, flick on the lights – to Joe’s dismay- and grab my phone only to be told they’re all here – meaning waiting outside in the fridged cold for me to get out there. Today is GOING to be beautiful and warm but let’s just say we weren’t feeling it at a little after 8, which really would be a little after 7, had it not just been for – you guessed it – daylight savings! So I get out there and we start on our walk. Between my 2 friends they have 5 children, from 5 years to 3 months in age. They also each have a double stroller AND a kid on a big wheel! We were a sight to see, I’m sure. We’re not quite sure where we’re going, so there’s a lot of stopping and starting, but for the most part we’re doing great! Untill, of course, D desides to go riding off some side street on his own and I try to play around with J and end up knocking him off his Big Wheel bike. Still not so bad… until the crying began! First I – that’s understandable – he is just a couple months old and it IS pretty cold! But then A takes his turn. Issy throws in the occasional whine and next thing we know, D won’t ride his Big Wheel anymore and J is sobbing his head off! HA! Maybe if it had been my child I wouldn’t have thought it was funny. But they aren’t and I did! Still we’re resolved to go walking again tomorrow! Brave moms! Maybe if they don’t start on their own I can pinch all the kiddos to make sure tomorrow is just as entertaining as today was!

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Que Sera said...

I'm sorry the kids were whining. But I applaud your efforts to get up early in the morning (at least for you) and get out into the fresh air. It's a great way to start any day. Now the question is, can you keep it up? Because I don't think I could :)