Thursday, March 08, 2007

I Hate Customer Service-My Moment to Vent

Ok, so I run several different businesses. Kinda Fun, Kinda Rough, but no big deal right? I mean, especially customer service. I like people to be happy, they like to be happy, and usually I'm willing to do whatever I feel is appropriate to make them happy. "Customer's always right"! Well, the last several months on Ebay, I've been having a lot of success making people, just that - happy! Giving great deals, providing fast service... I have even had a lot of repeat customers and LOVE having them come back! The problem came when I tried crossing over to my photography. Now, when I began, I just had a few customers and I worked reeeeally hard so that I probably in the end provided more than they were expecting. However, lately, though I don't think I've changed at all, I've got all these people whining and moaning about this and that, when in truth... i hate to say it, but usually the problem is Them! Sorry folks, but when you're IMPOSSIBLE to get a hold of and take FOREVER to get back to me, if you do at all, it's not MY fault that you still don't have your pictures! Shesh! I guess I don't understand how people can COMPLETELY ignore several attempts on my end to handle things in a quick and productive manner, then totally beep and moan about what I'M doing! Excuse me? I'm sorry but I took your photos MONTHS ago and have been trying to get you to move your hiney ever since! So don't come ranting at ME because stuff isn't done! And then there's the people who you did a ton of work and favors for and they STILL don't pay you everything they owe you! (Brooke, I'm sure you're hearing me on that one!) I mean, SHESH! I saved your Christmas Card for you! The least you can do is pay me the lousy $30 you owe me!
I still love customers... but do I really always have to provide "good" (aka FAKE) customer service? Or ever once in a while can I just clue them in to how lame they truly are? Probably not. So until that day comes, THIS is my vent about Customer Service :)

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corazoncita said...

I feel your pain girl!! You could be refering to my $1400 struggle with the old roommie which I got my final payment on in January after TWO years! Or the rental payments which are such a joyous event each month! :-)