Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Crafts!

I was just about to email my wonderful friend Wendalish about some of the crafts we've been working on lately, and I thought, heck!  I might as well post 'em on here - what's it gonna hurt, right?

Well, we've had a few of my nieces around the last week, along with some of my other amazing nieces and nephews here in Utah and they always force me to dig deep in the crafty department!  This spring I've seen so many great ideas on different blogs, so we decided to try a few out!  Here's how we're doing so far :)

First off, 
this and this inspired this:
My mom took over and wouldn't let me touch it (even though it's going to hang at my house :) and went wild!  It actually looks even better in person - I wasn't sure what I would think, but I actually really like it :)
A dessert we're half way through with can be found here: So far they look like this:

But we're having some problems peeling the balloons out - next time I think we should cover the balloons with powdered sugar (shaking off all of the excess) before we dip them - No one wants laytex in their Easter Mousse!  (oh, we're just doing bottoms, not tops - 20+ people are just too many to do tops and bottoms for! :D  We're calling them baskets instead of eggs :)  Oh!  We're going to fill them with mousse made from this recipe:  Death by Chocolate sounds alright by me! :D

We also made these:
But for some reason they all stuck to the pan this time!  We used the spring oreos with yellow centers this time - so fun!  Last time, we just used the regular ones and used colored frosting (on top of powdered sugar) to decorate them like eggs!  I'll have to see if I can find a picture!  It was fun for the kids (figers dipped in brownie mix.... broken oreos... you get the idea ;)

The kids really had a fun time painting and working on THESE:

As you can see, our flock is only half done - most still need eyes and wings!  We found our inspiration here:
After they got painted my sister had the great idea to spray them with sealant - Genius!  Here's a few P did a few weeks ago (sans flight -perhaps they're related to penguins more than doves)  We've consitered doing some Angry Birds, but for now this is what we've got ;)

Well, there are a few other things in the works, but I think this is will do for now!  I'm exausted and half of them aren't finished but hopefully we can make it!  Tonight we're going to dye eggs!  I REALLY hope we can try Silk Tye Dyed Eggs, but you probably shouldn't eat them and I don't know how many my hubby has to sacrifice (though I'm sure I can find a few... ;-)  If you want to know how, you can check them out here:
and here:

Don't worry - we haven't forgotten the REASON for Easter - we found this little 7 day guide to the week before Easter here: 
Though I had a hard time printing the pages
This sweet neighbor is going to have Easter dinner with us and will be making Ressurection Rolls found on that page as well! (or something like that)  This looks like a nice guide as well:
Well that'll do us for now, folks!  Love you and hope you're having a wonderful 'Holy Week'!

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Wendy said...

A.Maz.Ing! Everything looks so cool! I love those chocolate dipped balloons which will be baskets full of mousse? YUM!!! Thanks for the links. You rock.