Sunday, October 17, 2010

It's True...

My Baby is a CRAWLER!!!  HOORAY!  And (in the words of Joe) oh Crap! :)  We're in for it now!  He did his first official forward moving crawl last night at 11:30, 30 minutes before he turned 7 months old!  What a big boy!!  And thank you to Grandpa H. for suggesting the plastic chicken as motivation - haha!  Who would have thought - but it worked!  I just can't believe how he's gone from needing us to sit him up 2 weeks ago, to totally able to move wherever/however he wants!  It may not be pretty, but that boy can get just about anywhere he wants to go!

Also, he cut a tooth back on Oct 6th, I think!  Late birthday present to me I guess :) 

What a big, smiley, happy boy!  I love you tons, my little man!  And I'm so glad Grandma & Grandpa Heaton, Jon & Rainah, Robert & Beth were all there too!  Now I have witnesses ;)

PS - what a great few days with family!  We just feel so blessed to have spent so much time the last few days with so many of Joe's siblings, their spouses and his parents - really, what a great group!  My heart is just so full right now with gratitude for each of you, not to mention all of the fabulous family and friends that we didn't see this weekend... We truly are rich - thank you!


Wendy said...

How did our babies become so mobile in the blink of an eye?! Livi is a crawler/roller/scooter too. On one hand I am excited that she is learning things, on the other I amway bummed that she keeps getting into things. I miss my tiny babe. (Miss you guys too!)

Anonymous said...

Things are about to change at your house. Being like his dad, he'll try to re-cable the A/V equipment and see how the sander works on the TV screen.
Dad H

Marliese said...

Fun to see your babies! They are adorable. And you are talented behind the camera! Would you mind taking a trip to Iowa to take pictures of our family? I wish! Glad you are doing well! I hope our paths cross again someday!