Monday, December 07, 2009

So much to blog, but i couldn't miss the fact that Priya finally said "I love you" this morning to Joe as he left for work - it was so cute! Usually telling her to say I love you is met with her blowing several kisses, but not this morning!
To top off her cuteness, she has been saying most of our family prayers the last few days - most of the time she doesn't even let us say them without making sure she has a chance to repeat key phrases and words :D SO cute! Anyhow, just wanted to share!


D and S Heaton said...

How sweet! She's a dear child, and growing way too fast.
~Dad H

Suegramma said...

She's such a delight! You guys are doing a great job.

Unas Tontarias said...

More than anything, we are just so amazingly blessed! Really, I am astounded almost daily by the sweetness of this beautiful baby girl. Of course, there's plenty of gassiness as well, but that just keeps things... interesting! :D

Just one more cuteness... about a week ago she heard me say my back hurt. She dropped what she was playing with, jumped to her feet and came up behind me. She then kissed me on the back, gave it a little scratch for a minute, then proceeded to give me several hugs... and I didn't even realize she knew what we were talking about! I wish we could claim she was how she is because of us, but even Joe in his amazing kindness wouldn't have reacted that quickly to a casual comment! Maybe it's from her grandparents ;)
Either way, I'm glad we have our precious angel :)