Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Isn't this so cute?! She was so excited Monday to try out her snow-suit! Unfortunatly the only boots we could find that fit were rain boots, but 3 pairs of socks later and here you are! After all of the prep and smiles, I thinks she spent about 5 minutes outside! HAHA still so cute!
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Brooke said...

I love love love this!

D and S Heaton said...

Your grandparents are FREEZING out here in the Midwest; all four of them.
And we have snow, too.
Grampa H

Suegramma said...

What a nice, fuzzy hood!

I always used to love winter. Kind of like the 12 Days of Christmas: 9wet coats, 9 wet pair of gloves, 9 wet pair of boots, 9 pair of soggy socks, and a cup of hot chocolate for each! Just add an extra 30 minutes to get ready to go anywhere...

Anne said...

She's adorable! I still think she looks so much like you but I might be biased since I never saw Joe as a little tyke. :)