Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Whole Nine Months!

My Cutie little princess is 9 months old today, Nov. 14th. I can't even believe it! From midnight on, I've been pretty sentimental, so this, my 100th post of the year is dedicated to my little beauty. Thought, i have to say, with her scratched up nose and the dent I put in her forhead this evening (Thanks to her mother, she had a run-in with a door jam-Sorry my beauty!) she's going for a more rugged cute today :)

Today we made a trip to the Natural History Museum (thanks mom & dad!) with our good friends! You can probably see why we refer to the other child-on-wheels her boyfriend :)
I love my little Sweatheart!  She is such a blessing!  Today I took her with me and she met one of the key doctors that helped make her little life possible and it just reminded me even more of what a miracle she is!  I love the way she discovers new things each day, like how over the last couple days she discoved how fun it is to stick your toung out to the side and lick your lips (to the point that she does it when she wakes up in the middle of the night and is making her lips a little raw!) and the joy of playing wih ketchup packets!  She has also started playing games a WHOLE lot more and enjoys squeeling and crawling just as fast as her little body will carry her every time we say "I'm gonna get you!!"'

I love you, Princess!  I hope you always know that!  You fill our lives with so much joy!
Love, Mom


Anne said...

Hasn't it gone by so quickly? When you're getting up during the night for feedings, it doesn't seem like it is going by quickly but it does in retrospect!

D and S Heaton said...

And Chicago loves her, too!
~Dad H