Thursday, November 20, 2008

Election Day, a little late :)

So apparently I can be very vocal about politics on everyone else's blog, but only subtley so on my own! But this isn't about politics - it's just about a silly sticker I couldn't get off and my adorable little baby :) so, after I voted I stuck this silly I Voted sticker on her head. Cute, right? The only problem was that it wouldn't COME OFF!!! So after I voted, Alysse and I went to lunch where some service men were waiting in line. (we're totally addicted to Cafe Rio, by the way! Whenever we get together, we HAVE to get Pork Barbacoa Quesadillas, which means that while I carefully avoided CR for YEARS while my EFY friends constantly went, I now eat it about once a week and can't get enough! Crazy!)
Anyway, the serviceman was like "Isn't she a little young to vote?" To which my sister replied "Yah, well, she's got strong opinions too" Dang straight she does! And she lets me know in not to stubble ways almost every day!
BACK to the sticker! As you can tell, it was still plastered to her head by bath time. Some reason water didn't help either, so 1, 2, 3 -RIP!! And one sad baby later, that sucker was off!
So that's my long and lame story. And you've now just wasted 3 minutes of your life you'll never get back - haha on you! :D

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D and S Heaton said...

Sweet! Politically active at 9 months. That must be a record.
In Chicago she'd have no problem voting... and she'd get a ride to the polls, and a pair of shoes, and hot coffee, and spending money.
Any idea who she voted for?
Mrs. Jon H should do a paper about her. The photos should earn her an A in polisci 321!

Anne said...

Has Priya's mommy learned not to put stickers on babies now? ;) That is so funny! Matthew loves to put stickers on Sarah and Andrew but he puts them on their clothes. I guess I should be glad that he isn't sticking them to their faces!

P.S. Can I mail Matthew to you? He wants to see baby Priya in person. ;) For the past couple of weeks, he keeps asking me when we can go to Utah again.

Unas Tontarias said...

You just send him this way!!! Such a cutie boy! You guys are always welcome, anytime! :D
PS Priya says hi too!

Anne said...

It is pretty ironic that he keeps asking to go to Utah because on the drive home from Utah he asked if we could never go back again. He didn't like the 8 hours drive but since it has been a few months, absence has made the heart fonder. :)

Erica AKA Meredith's Mommy said...

I can't help it Bree I am a chuckling. When Kevin was a few months old I thought it would be hilarious to stick a chiquita banana sticker to his cheek at Pick N Save. We had no problem getting it off but he got the worst rash on his poor little cheek. My Mom was not to happy with me! I now know enough not to stick one to my daughter's cheek after that episode. Bet you'll never stick another one to poor little Priya either. LOL

Aud Pod said...

Love the story. My favorite are the stickers on the clothes that you forget about and then wash. That's a lovely mess too!

Ruth Sarah said...

Poor Priya!!! I've made that mistake too... I put little heart stickers all over his face to quiet him during sacrament... They were still there after nursery... At least you only had to take one sticker off and not like 5!!!