Sunday, March 26, 2006


You know, it's dawning on me that even though it makes me feel a little ... on the older end of things... it's really kind of cool having nieces and nephews and younger siblings, well, maybe just a younger sister ;), that are a little older. It's amazing what it's like when they begin to become REAL PEOPLE! All of a sudden you have more in common than just the fact that you both know how to sing the ABC's and count to 10! Don't get me wrong - the younger ones are compleatly adorable and definitly hold a high place in the circle of family love. It's just that there's something truley remarkable about the day you turn around and can say - hey! this person isn't just a cute relative I have- they are also, though it sounds cheesy, my friend :) Peace out ;)

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Que Sera said...

I agree with you on that one. One day, Kim is going to grow up and I won'ot know her, unless I visit her and stuff. Other wise, I'll just be a young aunt she doesn't know. I'm glad you have the opportunity to see all those little cuties every once in a while:)