Friday, April 16, 2010

Grandma Ella

A few days after baby Brayden joined us on earth, his great-grandma Ella Gregersen left us. She is an amazing woman, with an incredible sense of humor and love. It was always so fun to take Priya to visit her, even when we got scolled if we so much as frowned in Priya's direction. In Grandma Ella's eyes, a little girl like her could do no wrong and I'm pretty sure she would have at least punched us in the arm, if not punished us further, if we ever tried to scold Priya in her presense. :) The only two things I wish could have been different when I think of her are, #1, that we could have introduced her to Brayden on earth - at her funeral he was wearing a little suit I know she would have gotten a kick out of :) and #2, that I could have known her years ago.

Dad Heaton had a brief and nice tribute on his blog:

And Mom Heaton wrote a nice obituary:

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