Monday, July 20, 2009

Priya has just been a nut lately! She's more clinging, which is frustrating, but I think she's cutting more teeth and who wouldn't want to whine about that! But she's also figured out that she can direct people and get them to do what they want, which is awfully hilarious sometimes! It started at the Open House we had a month ago - WHICH, by the way, was GREAT!! Thank you SO much to all those who came and helped pull the thing off! The carpet was still covered with plastic until the day before - it's amazing how everything came together!
Anyway, during the party we had Rock Band set up downstairs. As you probably know, Priya has ALWAYS been a fan, but the door was closed and she was upstairs so she couldn't get to it. Well, that didn't stop her! She grabbed a new 'friend's' hand and led him to the door. When he opened it, she crawled down a step or two, then just looked at him and reached up as if to say, 'ok, well, will you carry me already?' which he did and put her down contently in front of the game.
The funniest was last night as we were playing in the living room. I would lay on the ground on my back and she would try and roll me over so she could jump on my back. When she wanted Joe to play she grabbed his hand as he stood, pulled him to the ground and rolled him over all so she could gleefully jump on him. When he then got up and stood up and had her on his shoulders, she didn't quite know what to do :) She's such a nut! We love her so much and to do a variation on what my dad used to say "If I could go to the little girl store and pick out ANNNY little girl I wanted, I'd pick one JUST LIKE HER!.... except maybe she wouldn't teethe so much ;)"


Wendy said...

Our little girls are at such a cutie age! Last night Sophie was just being crazy...running all over, climbing on everything, etc. She suddenly climbed up on Jacob's shoulder while he was sitting on the couch and just sat there for a few minutes! What?! Who are these nuts? I don't know, but I sure do love them both!

D and S Heaton said...

Who can say "no" to a face like that? Good luck, Mom.
~Dad H

D and S Heaton said...

We used to put dryer sheets in Joe's diaper so he wouldn't cling so much.
But don't use Snuggle; it has the opposite effect :)

Dad H