Thursday, April 09, 2009

House... are you for real?

Unfortunately, no, I am not talking about us having a house... though let me tell you, I'd be ecstatic if that was the case. No, today I need to pause and comment about a favorite of mine - House - the TV show. If you follow the show, you have probably already figured out that on the show on of the characters committed suicide. ... Let me say that again... on the SHOW one of the CHARACTERS committed suicide. This isn't for real, people. Sorry to burst your bubble, Fox but It's NOT REAL. And yet, for some reason FOX feels it's a good idea to post all kinds of memorial sites and photos, as if he were a REAL person. I understand what they're doing and I understand why - hey - I enjoyed the video montage of clips of Kutner, but a MEMORIAL site on facebook - personal photos and notes from the other doctors and an obit to boot? - Don't Look - DOn't Look! Ah..oh... don't! - you did already didn't you? It's ok, I did too... but seriously - you know, sometimes people have a hard time differentiating between reality and fiction.... and we wonder why...

Oh but the REAL gem is why he left House! You can read all about it Here (from my f-i-laws blog) and Here (an interview with 'Kutner' and friends) Glad to see they're trying to do more than run a popularity contest... oh wait... my bad ;)


Bryan said...

Kudos to the man for wanting to put his talents to work in the real world instead of Hollywood.

I haven't seen most of Penn's work (for obvious reasons), but he was truly excellent in "The Namesake" (2006), a film I'm proud to own. I don't know why he did all those stoner sex comedies, but he appears to be a deeper person than the sum total of his acting jobs attest. I hope he does well in his new job.

D and S Heaton said...

I lost my enthusiasm for House when they introduced the gay theme. I boycotted The Unit for the same reason.
It's not necessary unless you want to advance the gay agenda.
If they choose to do that I choose not to watch.