Thursday, June 05, 2008

Get LOST! (and a cutie video:)

So, last Tues we had our friends the Masons over to watch the season finale of LOST! I got addicted to it soon after Priya was born since every single episode from the begining of season 1 is online at and it was a little difficult to do much else while I spent many hours a day doing... mommy stuff (pumping) when I could do little more than just sit like a lump in a chair, waiting for my "mommy stuff" to run out, so to speak :)

Well, I missed the finale while my GREAT friend Anne and her kids were here (photos to come!) so Dave and Heather said they would "Suffer" through watching it a second time while I saw it for the first! WOW! I love LOST!!! I only hate that now that I'm used to watching episodes on demand, more or less, I now have to wait till FEBRUARY to see a new episode!! Priya will be ONE by then!!! Cruel, Cruel fate - Actually, Alysse is the one to blame in all this since she always seemed to be over here on a Thursday night and wanted to watch Lost with me, but I'd refuse since I hadn't ever seen it! Or is it Brooke since it's because of her I knew they were all online! :) Just kidding, i'm glad they got me hooked! It's a great show!

Well, moving on, the Masons of course brought their 6 week old son, Rhys! What a cutie! I have to say this is the first time Priya has looked like the "Big Kid" in any situation! :) Since I've been wanting to mess with Windows Video Creator, I decided to experiment with the video/photos we took the other night and just quick make a little video. It's nothing special and I was just messin around, but hopefully you think it's as cute as I do!

PS, sorry for my daughters slightly annoying singing/crying during the whole video! It really seemed like she was just trying to get his attention! So cute! But in the words of my brother Dru, "Hey! Crying - it's what babies DO!"

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Casey Brianne said...

That's great that Dave and Heather have a little one now... they were in our ward for a little bit before our 1st anniversary, then we bolted.

You have updated soooooo much! ha! I love all the little slide shows you have, very cool!