Saturday, August 12, 2006


WRITE IN YOUR BLOGS! I'm so sick of clicking on all of my friends/family's blogs and having NOTHING to read! So Pollute the Universe with Random Thoughts and Funny Facts! Go on! Shew Shew!


Compulsive Indecision said...

"Pollute the universe"? Excuse me? Thank you for your vote of confidence.

Some of us don't have internet access at home, and some of us get to do approximately three people's jobs at work (not to mention the whole infamous PeopleSoft 8.8 changeover - like I said, don't mention it), and some of us don't really go on campus to use computers, now that some of us are out of school for the summer.

:) That's all.

Una Tonteria said...

Well SHESH! You didn't have to get so personal about it! Just Kidding! :) Don't let work ruin your day! :D