Tuesday, July 25, 2006

My Gram

So this is a picture of my Grandma JoAnn. Last week Friday I get a call explaining how my Grandma had just called 911 and my family was thinking she might have had a stroke, though she has been healthy as a horse ever since her polio 40 years ago! I was horrified but as soon as she was seen by doctors, they were able to tell us that it hadn't been a stroke. Instead, she was suffering from a major infection or virus that had taken over her body, dropping her blood pressure extreemly low as well as dropping her tempature to only 94! She was so weak she couldn't move from the bathroom, where, thankfully again, my father had installed a telephone. In truth, if he hadn't.... well, it might not be such a happy story now :( BUT she is doing MUCH better and should be coming home from the hospital either today or tommorrow!! Yippy! I mean, I know she's almost 91 and all, but she acts like she's about 60! She was even cracking jokes about how she was on the "thrown" when the EMT's came and about what a CRAPPY place that was to be found! If she keeps it up, I have no doubt she'll make it to 112! Posted by Picasa

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